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SPRING CRAZINESS deals are here! Crazy discount of Supplies and Accessories. GET DEALS  |  Get DTF Ink and Supplies with up to 30% saving      |       Join our Facebook community Twiga Industries Inc.       |      Follow Us on Instagram @twigasolutions


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Unique in the industry with WIMS system or the management of mixing white with constant throughout the circuit in DTG and 'proprietary patent, this system has the dual function of ensuring a perfect printability, low consumption of ink and stability the incredible head, eliminating the effect cloggin.
VIPER is also equipped with the APCP which manages the 'off contact head material automatically reduces set-up and ensuring a' uniform and consistent print together with PEP ensures the safety of the head from breaking continuously monitors the position, thanks VIPER all these devices is the most innovative printer on the market.
Progress of the new system operated by a motor brushelless piece ensures a high production and high precision of the register, the VIPER fact DTG has provided a new opportunity to work with continuous and simultaneous with the ability to print multiple meshes simultaneously and picture different.
VIPER is made of welded structure with openable cover for inspection work, also has a membrane keypad with digital display to handle all aspects of set-up and cleaning.
VIPER is the heart of its new head that nozzeles with 180 per channel and the management of pressure dumper can ensure a homogeneous flow of ink making perfect prints! Is also essential in both the 'ink' s now famous DTG INK and also the software that manages and optimizes PRINT PRO linearization of color prints of the highest quality.
now includes the following new features to enhance speed and print quality:

    • automatic cleaning cycle with recovery Increase speed ink-print
    • New technology for the registration of the print head

Advanced firmware

    • WIMS
    • New color profiles in RIP for vibrant color
    • internal ink container system
    • Mining inks depression

HM1 printer is a volcano of potential profits. With a self cleaning head and 8-channel, 4 CKYK and 4 for the white containers with separate colors, you can quickly print color and high-definition on T-shirts on textiles thickness up to 14 cm.
E 'can print in color T-shirts, aprons, bags, polo shirts, sweaters and more, from 15 to 50 pieces per hour.
The process of printing Fast One Pass is now available in new K3 printers DTG DTG Viper and Raptor.
This exciting new process allows you to print white and color in one step and greatly increasing production speed when printing on garments scuri.L 'innovative Fast Pass One of the DTG will give you more speed, but also providing a high quality print and color.
Produce faster than ever before have the most beautiful color prints on dark fabrics. Contact us for more information.
Say "Goodbye" to the consumption of white ink and cleaning
Circulation of 'ink through a peristaltic pump pressure system coupled with a pressure system, your white ink is ready for printing at any time. The patented WIMS II reduced maintenance downtime and maximum time required for machines that use white ink, with 100% reliability when printing on dark garments.
In standby mode, when the printer is on but not printing, ink WIMS circulates and filters for 10 minutes every two hours. The standby mode automatically detects when the printer is in use constantly and began to circulate and filter the white ink, has a slight positive pressure to the ink flowing smoothly. When the printer finishes his press the WIMS automatically returns to Standby mode.


  • print format 420 x 600 mm
  • type of printing: 8-color or double CMYB CMYB and white
  • power inks with pressurized dispenser bottles for recycling with the colorful and WIMS for white
  • print thickness from 0 to 140 mm
  • 360X 360 resolution to 2880 x 1440
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • print head with 180 8-channel piezoelectric nozzels per channel
  • dimensions: 500 mm (h)-1000mm (l) -700 mm (L)
  • a 220 v
  • Windows XP operating system-view

    envelope machine:

    • 125 ml x C, M, Y, B
    • WHITE 1 LT
      PRIMER 1LT

    • 1 LT
    • cleanning
    • 04 BOARDS / SHAPES
    • PRINT SOFTWARE PRO Kothari dongle.
Plan type: 
Head technology: 
Ink Jet
Ink type: 
Color + White


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